At the Friday Night Cabaret we always have the raffle! With your HH2019 Tix you get 1 free raffle ticket. You can buy more 1 = $2 or 3 = $5.

We have some great prizes this year. Looks like a “Women Supporting Women” Raffle with all our small business owners donating this year being women. Thank you so much everyone.

See below for their information. Not in any particular order. PLUS there are more to come!!!

Thank you Pretty Sticky Tapes for 2 x AUD$50 Gift Vouchers.

Pretty Sticky Tape is excited to again be supporting Hoopy Happenings. 

This year Pretty Sticky Tape is giving an early tape discount code for participants – look out for that soon! 

Pretty Sticky Tape has given us a couple of $50 gift vouchers as prizes.

 If you win, you can pick up that tape you have always wanted!

Thank you Hanky Revolution for the Everything is OK Hanky & the Cutlery Carrier. 

Hanky Revolution’s handmade products make going zero waste fun. Ditch tissues with quirky screen-printed handkerchiefs that double as napkins. Pop a hanky in a cutlery wrap, made from upcycled, vintage and remnant fabric, and you’ve got an eating out kit that’s zero-waste!

Sydney-based Molly Furzer designs, prints and sews each hanky and practices zero-waste principles in the process. See more at

Thank You Sea Dragon for your USD$100 Gift Card

Sea Dragon Studio is an independent creator of comfortable, fun, and fabulous holographic festival wear. We were born on the dance floors of Australia’s music festivals, and in just a few short years have followed Dancing Queens (and Kings) to gatherings across the globe, and to wherever our friends are shaking their polaroid pictures.

The Sea Dragon community is built on love, sparkles, and a beat we can’t stop moving to.

Thank you La La Sistarz for the set of nude mini-hoops.

The La La Sistarz make custom made hoops to order.

Grab yourself some 16mm mini hoops or on body hoops that you can order nude or covered. They are donating a set of 5 nude mini-hoops.

They have a SPECIAL DEAL for HH2019 participants:

SET MINI-HOOPS NUDE: 5 x 16mm x 55cm =  $45

SET ON BODY HOOPS: 10 X 85 OR 90cm x 16mm = $100

Please email your orders to [email protected]

Thank you Amalia Day Spa for the 1hr Massage

Amalia massaged at Hoopy Happenings for the first time last year. She was a popular and busy girl. One lucky person will be winning themselves an hour massage with Amalia.

Instagram: Amalia_Day_Spa

Thank you AweZome Leggings for 2 x Rave Leopard Leggings

These RAVE LEOPARD fabric feel aweZome leggings from Emma Kenna are awesome!
AweZome Leggings on Facebook
AweZome Leggings on Instagram

Thank You SpinJoy for 2 x $50 Store Vouchers

A hula hoop dance brand based in Sydney, Australia. Known for our contagious energy and our not-so-serious approach to the everyday, we blend exercise with sass to deliver full body fitness in a way that will not only make you look good but feel good. Check out our website for our high quality hula hoops, epic classes and performance bookings.

Thank you Bayside Hooping for a Hoop Huggie & a $50 Voucher.

Bayside Hooping is an environmentally friendly hula hoop boutique store based in Melbourne. We have a huge selection of taped hoops in all tubing and sizes, coloured polypro, clothing, hoop huggies and other hooping accessories all hand-made in Australia! We also love to host flow jams at festivals and different locations around Australia which you can find out about through our website and social media.

Bayside Hooping on Instagram

Thank you Hulistic Hoops 2 fire wicks OR $50 voucher

These hand-made fire wicks are suitable for hoops 16-22mm. 

Use a screwdriver to open the hose clamps and secure to your favourite hoop. Fire Hoop Safety Sheet supplied with purchase.

We started making fire wicks 3 years ago, in preparation for our Kozmic Fuzion fire show at Hoopy Happenings, as we required so many wicks for the 3 of us. I look forward to spinning fire with (or entertaining) you this year on the fire night. 

Please contact me to order your set prior to HH (or if you have any other questions), and I will also bring a few sets down for sale. 

Contact: Jesse Jeanes M: 0417 586 876 

E: [email protected]

Hulistic Hoops Facebook

Hulistic Hoops Instagram