Chris Gogler aka C-Section (Berlin, Germany / Australia)

Chris Gogler is a Hula Hoop Artist originally from Australia. With a background and some formal training in ballet and contemporary dance, Chris stumbled across hula hooping over a decade ago and has been hooked ever since. His style is unique, combining elements of classical and contemporary dance with object manipulation and burlesque. On stage Chris tells romantic and fantastic stories through movement with a healthy dose of cheekiness and sass. 

Chris lives in Berlin and has taught Hula Hoop at events across Europe and internationally including Alpine Hoop Retreat, the Australian Hoop Convention, the German Hoop Convention, Get The Ring Switzerland, Heart and Hoop Dance Retreat Netherlands, Hooplaland, Hoopurban Summer Exotica Athens, the Italian Hoop Connection, Jungle Hoop Retreat Thailand, Manchester Hoop Congress, Rendez V’Hoop Paris, the Scottish Hoop Convention, SWHoop, Sheffield online Circus Convention, ToSmile Milano, Unicorn Hoop Fest and the European Juggling Convention.

Chris runs events with artist and Yogi Mara Wagenführ called Wild At Heart Hoop and Yoga Retreats.




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Aneta Jokesova aka Hooplanet (Czech Republic)

What people are saying:

“Anetas workshop was the perfect dive into hoop technique: the right mixture of complexity so everybody gets along well and when you’re more experienced you can enjoy Anetas own approach to hoop moves to find an abundance of new ideas! She breaks down tricks into well digestible pieces and explains them precisely and always with a smile. I’d always take her workshops again!”

I’m weirdo, who loves to create new and original hula hoop combos. My significant tricks are all variations of rolls and whole body wraps. Recently I felt in love with 3-hoop manipulation. I’m originally from Czech Republic, but I’ve been travelling all around the world. This year, I’m based in New Zealand.


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Hooplanet Workshops




2022 Teachers: see what you missed out on!

Emma Kenna aka Hooping Mad

Emma discovered hooping in 2007 while she doing her PhD. She hung up her lab coat in 2010 and took the leap into full time hooping. She has never looked back! Emma is a hugely experienced teacher and is known internationally as a master of wedgies and twin
hoops. Emma is now based predominately out of Bali and Germany but it’s hard to pin her down to one place 😛 If there’s hoopers, she’ll be there 🙂 A key player in the growth of the outstanding Bristol Hoop community, Emma has since had the opportunity to learn from and play with some of the world’s leading hoopers during her travels around the world. Emma’s combination of high technical expertise, extensive teaching experience, enthusiasm for sharing and love of laughter make her hard to forget! Emma was the winner of Teacher and Fire Hooper of the Year in the 2016 Hoopies and is the creator and main coordinator of the SWhoop (South West Hoop Conference) which has received the award for Best Hoop event!

Connect with Emma


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Blue Booby: for awesome hoop-able apparel!



Hannah Indigo

I started hula hooping when I was 23. My first hula hoop was a Christmas gift, and I honestly didn’t know what to do with it! I was an aerialist, not a hula hoop artist!

Soon enough, I fell head over heels in love with all things hula hooping.

I’ve studied and trained with some of the best in the business in all parts of the world, from Turkey to the USA to New Zealand to right here in Australia.

I’ve worked for companies like Ford and Google and been a part of annual events such as Dark Mofo, Vivid Sydney and Splendour in the Grass to name a few.

“The femme fatale of fire, Hannah Indigo combines her rockstar attitude with a die-hard love for hair metal to bring you fire shows that are unique, explosive and outragously OTT, a sight not to be missed! With over 6 years of hands on industry experience with fire, we’ll be walking through the basics of fire safety to keep both yourself and others safe.”

Helen War aka “Helly Hoops”

Mixes a stunning 5-hoop show with emcee shenanigans. Trained professionally as a clown and an expert at being a fool, Helly’s been performing and teaching circus for over 6 years and is a pro at throwing a hoop party. Her latest act features crazy balance tricks, mind-bending speed and 5-hoop magic.  

She’s performed in 7 countries and across 3 states in Australia. Kapow! Last year she did a performance tour to Central America with Performers Without Borders, then went onto Paris, returning to Melbourne to perform at festivals, markets and events across the eastern seaboard.

Due to feature at Italian Hoop Connection and RiverHoop Slovenia, she’s stoked to be back in Australia with you for Hoopy Happenings 2020. 

Jane Fondle

Creator and Boss Lady of Hoops, Thighs & Buttocks, Jane Fondle is all about getting physical. Starting out as a star in her parent’s lounge room, she then took it to the streets at age 7, surprising her neighbours by busking at their doorstep, singing and dancing “We built this city on rock and roll”.

The outer suburbs of Melbourne just weren’t ready for this singing/dancing entrepreneur. As a teenager Fondle finally found an outlet for dancing onstage in a fabulous costume and became a National Aerobics champion. She then moved on to become the world Twister champion (true story!). 

Disaster struck during a bad g-string leotard incident in a fit of Flashdancing victory, leaving her unable to walk for some time (story slightly embellished). Once rehabilitated she discovered hula hooping as a great way to work out in her lounge room while fleeing from societal shame.

After 14 years of hooping she’s feeling at peace with a movement medium based on thrusting the hips. Fondle has developed her own hula hooping style, incorporating 80’s dance, aerobics, hip-hop and comedy.

She now travels the world, training and teaching at international hula hoop retreats but always returns home to her beloved Melbourne where she loves choreographing, creating, performing, running hilarious hens parties and most of all teaching students of all levels the fine arts of hula hooping and expressive 80’s dance.

Bring back the Fondle with her 80’s Hoop Dance to Hoopy Happenings 2020 

Connect with Jane Fondle: 

Jess & Jewelz aka Shimmyhoopz

Jessica & Jewelz met at High & Dry Festival in 2009 when Jewelz was teaching a hula hoop workshop. Jess booked Jewelz for her birthday party that year. Then they kept bumping into each other at festivals that they happened to be going to solo. They decided to go to a festival together and so their friendship shimmied into being. They’ve performed together only once before creating a crazy fusion of Isis wings, belly dance & hoops as they transformed and morphed on stage into being. Perhaps they will re-visit that performance and shake the dust from the prop? They’ve taught kids together once before and for many years they have talked about combining their superpowers and teaching belly dance and hoops in their own sassy way. 

Premiering at Hoopy Happenings 2020 they will bring you Shimmy Hoopz! 

Jessica & Jewelz are excited to be premiering their new workhshop & performance at the Friday Nite Cabaret at Hoopy Happenings 2020. 

Shimmy Juju Dance

Jessica is an organic and versatile Bellydancer who began dancing in 2008, when she fell head over heels in love with Egyptian Oriental and Theatrical Folkloric dances.

Studying with various Sydney based teachers, she slowly developed into the heartfelt and joyful performer you can see dancing at various restaurants and functions across Sydney today.

Jessica loves sharing that ‘warm-fuzzy feeling you can only get from having a really good shimmy’ by teaching Belly Dance, as well as Yoga, and is the Team Leader for the Sydney Shimmy Mob Team.

Because Jessica strongly believes that you can never stop learning about both dance and yourself, she continues to study with visiting international teachers, as well as the Hathor Dance Studio. She enjoys jet setting across the seas for Bellydance workshops and festivals (most recently Marta Korzun in New Zealand) and taking part in various Theatrical Belly Dance projects like Tamalyn Dallal’s Dance Without a Name (Perth) and Belly Queen’s Journey Along the Silk Road (Perth, Sydney).  

Jewelz A Hoopz

Jewelz is head Hoopologist at Jewelz A Hoopz & founder of Hoopy Happenings. She’s been spinning hoopy loopy happiness and laughter yoga around Sydney, Australia and the globe since 2009. Teaching hula hoops of all shapes & sizes to people of all shapes & sizes!  

From 1 hoop to 6 hoops, spinning, dancing and creating.  

She’s taught from pre-school to 88yo cancer survivors. From social circus in Asia to remote Aboriginal communities in Northern Territories. She’s performs hoop stories for preschool and parties for anyone. She wants to delve more into story telling performance in 2020 and if you’re lucky you might catch a snippet of a new project at renegade. 

Lisa aka Willow Wyld

Has been a drama queen for as long as she can remember.  She thinks you all should be drilling every day. So she’s going to whip you into shape at hoopy happenings to be the hooper of your dreams! It won’t be easy but it will be fun! 

Connect with Lisa: 

Mel Wheeler

Mel Wheeler is a Hula Hoop Powerhouse!

Highly energetic and Hugely entertaining, her performances are action packed with extreme hoop trickery, mind bending Illusions and lightning fast movement, all spun with fun and her trademark winning smile.

 Spinning from 1- 6 hoops LED at once and a grande finale Human Hula Hoop Slinky, expect the unexpected and you will still be in for a suprise!
Ever seen anyone spin a Fire Hula Hoop on their nose before?  

A bit of a freak inside the circle, she comes alive amongst the flames in her daredevilish fire dance of danger that must be seen to be believed. 

Mel lives and dreams Hoops and never leaves the house without a Hula Hoop ( or 10) spinning EVERY WHERE that she goes.

Her Hula Hoop videos have gone viral online, featured in The Daily Mail and People Are Awesome, and that one time on Fail Army, as the woman wiped out by a gigantic wave while Hula Hooping in a rock ledge, losing half a butt cheek in the process.

Speaking of bottoms, did you know that her Hula Hooping Booty is also a Mexican meme??
An arts teacher by trade, she is passionate about changing lives through the power of play, through creative pursuits of Visual Arts and Hula Hoop expression

Connect with Mel:


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