What to bring


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! Bedding and towel ! – sheets, blanket, pillow and/or sleeping bag Water Bottle – please bring a bottle to re-fill – water at the Scout centre is fine to drink out of the tap 

Phone numbers – Jewelz 0431 736 473 – Lisa 0403 229 080 – plus anyone you’re meeting up with 

Directions and/or train times or meeting places 

Hoops – regular, minis, LED, fire hoop: Please remember always to ask before using someone else’s hoop 

Yoga mat 

Torch & batteries 

Other toys – juggling balls, poi, frizbees, unicicles, ukulele, etc Bedding 

Money – in case you want to buy something – there will be Hoopy Market Place where you can buy, sell, give away, or trade (or you can post it on the HH Event page) – Heathcote has ATMs, supermarket, bottle shop, and cafes but not much in the way of clothes 

Toiletries – towel, soap, shampoo Essentials – sunscreen, mozzie stuff, umbrella, arnica, any medications 

Music – your favourite playlist (unless you’re prepared to be subjected to my music taste!) 

Bedding If you’re camping – Don’t forget your tent pegs, sleeping mattress & sleeping bag – I have a mallet in my van if you don’t have one 

Food/drink – Anything extra you might feel like – Meat if you want to cook it – Snacks to keep your energy up – Drinks (other than tea/coffee/water) – This event is BYO but remember to be responsible 

Clothes – – Remember the hoop likes skin so don’t forget your shorts – Bring layers cause the weather is so changeable – Bling, dress up clothes – Fire safe clothing if you want to spin 

NOTE: We are on the doorstep to the National Park so think wildlife & possibly snakes. If you plan on walking in the bush please bring appropriate footwear.

Meals From Friday evening meal to Monday breakfast will be catered (Wholesome vegetarian food) Friday & Monday lunches are self-catered (on Monday we will most probably have leftovers) You can bring meat to cook if you want This event is BYO but remember to be responsible