Lila ChupaHoops Workshops:

“Single Hoop Sequence”
Every year, I come up with unique flow sequences featuring a variety of tricks. They are a great way to polish transitions, to make them as smooth as possible or very dynamic. For this one, expect a lot of leg work ! Many escalators and step throughs variations that we haven’t seen so much around.

“Super Combos”
Super combos is a workshop focusing on 2 of my favourite moves and see how far we can expand them to many many combos. First one is a head tracer and second one is a wedgie so we will use both our arms and legs, discovering new pathways, transitions and of course we will be able to link them together into a full 3D trick ! 

“Performance Style”
Don’t stay in one spot ! We are so focused on our hands that we tend to forget about our whole body movement. Pirouettes, poses and walking through the stage are an important part of bringing your emotions and tricks to life. We will apply that to a selection of crowd pleasure moves… from 1 to 4 hoops !

“Super Twin Combos”
Do you remember the “super combos” workshop ? Well now you’re ready for the next level of applying it to your twin work. 2 hoops can be really confusing but yet we can be so much more creative than with a single hoop. Both moves we’ve seen earlier have their complementary badass twin combos so I will add guidance to keep on exploring with these tricks and spicing up your double flow.

“Pinup choreo”
Last but not least, we’re gonna dive into the hard work of choreography. We have some new cool tricks and transitions, we know how to pose… let’s put it all on music and dance ! I choose the pinup style because it forces us to emphasis on our body movement and facial expressions, putting more character into our hoop flow.  It’s gonna be very… poupoupidou !

Mel Wheeler

Break it like you’re cool! ++

Breaks, breaks, Breaks! Ninja style paddles and breaks, prepare for some serious squat action in this workout / workshop for the cool kids!

Plus some big BANGER moves that you request from Mel. If you get in touch with her she will see if she can squeeze a few big tricks in!

Donna Sparx

Twinning the Spin

“Build your twins repertoire with an impressive combination of brain-melting tech and smooth, simple moves”

Double or nothing! Well, that’s not exactly true – we’ll start everything in one hand and progress from there so this is a workshop suitable for all levels. 
– Incredible Weave Variations: including the Sparx Weave and a 3 beat weave with a hand roll
– Thread the Needle Variations
– Circular Zany Z-spin

Jewelz A Hoopz

Jewelz is the founder of Hoopy Happenings so you’ll see her spinning about the place like a crazy person… She’ll be taking you on your bushwalk and run an intro to mini-hoops after we’ve had a dip in the Mirang Pools.



Lots of different ways to wake your body up. One morning we will be waking with Hooptation & the other morning with a full Laughter Yoga session. Then if you’re up for waking up on Monday we will wake up somehow… I leave Monday open as it follows on from Renegade and sometime a sleep in is the best way to wake up! Maybe I’ll bring you a coffee or tea in bed sweetened with a hug?


We use the hoop to guide our spinal movement to promote a healthy spine. 

  • Flexion & Extension 
  • Lateral Extension 
  • Axial Rotation 
  • Axial Extension 

Bringing our awareness to our breath with simple movements. 

Let me guide you through this moving meditation that lubricates your spine & gives you a great internal massage at the same time.


Jewelz has been a Laughter Yoga Facilitator since 2009 and recently completed her Laughter Yoga Leader Training to take her sessions to the next level… taking you on a laughter journey…ending in a meditation so your body can absorb all those delicious giggle endorphins.

Jewelz has taught Laughter Yoga internationally & nationally.


Learn some new skills with Rach & Andy from Switcharoo Circus, Dizzy Lisa aka Willow Wyld & Jewelz A Hoopz. Rach & Andy also founded Roundabout Circus on the Central Coast, which is a non-profit community circus.

It’s fun to play with new props!